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Treasures of the North
By Tracie Peterson
Torn between her desire to obey her parents and her fear of the man they've arranged for her to marry, young Grace opts to leave Chicago for the untamed Alaskan frontier.

By Catherine Cookson
Tilly becomes mistress of the manor dominating Durham County, and she raises herself from the stigma of an underprivileged Victorian child.

Where the Wild Rose Blooms
By Lori Wick
Just when Clayton Taggart is dreaming of the day when he can leave the life of a mine surveyor in the Colorado mountains to become a teacher, he meets up with newcomer Jackie Fontaine, and playful teasing turns into true love.

By Georgette Heyer
Young Kitty Charing stands to inherit a vast fortune from her great-uncle Matthew—if she marries one of her cousins. Kitty is not wholly adverse to the plan, if the right nephew proposes. Unfortunately, Kitty has set her heart on Jack Westruther, a confirmed rake, who seems to have no inclination to marry her anytime soon. To make Jack jealous, Kitty convinces another of her cousins to pretend to be engaged to her.

Anna Karenina
By Leo Tolstoy
Anna Karenina is the story of three Russian families linked by blood and marriage, each struggling in its own way. The tension between personal happiness and moral strictures that shapes Anna Karenina is more than a fictional construct; these are the forces that molded Leo Tolstoy himself.

To Serve Them All My Days
By R.F. Delderfield
The novel recounts the fictional story of David Powlett-Jones, WWI veteran who becomes a schoolmaster at a public boy’s school in Devon. His life is portrayed in the context during the social changes of the inter-war years. The appeal of this book lies in the well-crafted central characters who are instantly recognizable as real characters.

The Boleyn Inheritance
By Philippa Gregory
The only survivor of the ambitious Boleyn family, lady-in-waiting Jane Boleyn testifies against Henry VIII's latest queen, Anne of Cleves, and conspires to place her young cousin, Katherine Howard, on the throne.

Pavilion of Women
By Pearl S. Buck
From the author of The Good Earth comes the story of Madame Wu, a woman whose surprising decision to retire from married life and select a concubine for her husband upsets her extended household.

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